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It was my dream that someday I would own a log home.  It did happen! As soon as we started the construction of the log home, problems had arised with the log contractor. With no proper insurance, the log contractor mysteriously left and never came back.  With all the building logs on pallets, I had to scramble to look for a contractor.  Unbelievely, I had to hire the abandoned log contractor workers to build my own custom log home.  Working many hours and learning how to to build my dream log home, I soon realized working with wood was becoming my passion in life.  The wonder of working with wood slowly started me in the making of log furniture and other wooden decor items. My log home was furnished by left over log home construction materials and many trees were cut down to clear the area for the construction of the log home. Many of my friends and neighbors that have visited my home were very impressed and showed an interest in having custom-made log furniture and other wooden decor items made for their homes. 

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